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diy harvest bowl

If the fact that I am almost at black status at Sweetgreen is any indication of my affinity for the chain, then I don't know what is. During my most recent harvest bowl order (hold the chicken, add chickpeas and spicy broc), I realized that I probably should attempt to make this at home. The ingredients are simple enough to meal prep and are in line with what's in season for fall. Sure, nothing will beat the convenience of popping into my local SG, but at least I can attempt to save some cash and build the bowl at home. 

back to school breakfast - oatmeal flax yogurt blender muffins

It's September, which means that school is back in session. Even if you are not in school or don't have a small human that you are responsible for feeding, blender muffins are a fantastic make ahead breakfast addition or snack that will help give you some fuel on the go. With whole grains, protein, omega 3's, and fiber, these muffins are sure to make a regular appearance in your morning routine. 

rosh hashanah ready! kale and cauli tabbouleh

Rosh Hashanah, also known as the Jewish New Year, kicks off on Wednesday evening. It is a time of renewal and reflection. Like all holidays, food is an important focal point of the New Year celebration. There are many foods that are customary to eat on Rosh Hashanah, which have significance to ensure a sweet and good new year. This kale and cauli tabbouleh recipe incorporates many of those symbolic foods into one simple and nutritious dish.