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Arugula pesto pasta with roasted tomatoes, zucchini, and summer peas

If you are up to your ears this summer in zucchini, tomatoes, basil, and shelling peas, not only am I really happy for you, but I've got the perfect summer pasta dish for you too. Seamlessly and simply integrate your summer produce loot into a delicious and crowd pleasing dish that is loaded to the brim with veggies.

powerhouse pancakes

Who doesn't love pancakes? What I don't love about a typical pancake is the crash that you may often get after eating a hefty stack and the hunger that quickly arrives an hour or so after eating. What if you can have your pancakes and still feel great afterward? Enter the fully loaded powerhouse pancakes full of Greek yogurt, chia seeds, eggs, and oats! 

refresh, refuel, recharge with me - a day of wellbeing at the william vale hotel

Join me for a day of wellbeing at The William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg! On Saturday July 29th take a much-needed pause during the peak of summer to recharge and reconnect.  The day will feature yoga, meditation, and a bountiful lunch from yours truly. After lunch guests will have their choice of one-on-one sessions including: a nutrition consultation, reiki , massage, psychic, and more;  after appointments guests are welcome to take a dip in Vale Pool.  At the conclusion of the day, guests will receive a goodie bag to bring their wellbeing into the rest of the week. To purchase your tickets RSVP here .