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crispy baked zucchini fries with spicy tomato sauce

Looking for a new way to use your zucchini bounty this summer, look no further than simple, delicious, and seemingly indulgent zucchini fries. To mimic crispy crunchy fries, I coated strips of zucchini in a flour made from sprouted crackers and simply baked them. To dip, I used my favorite “go-to” spicy marinara as the ideal crowd pleasing side or summertime starter. This summer snack is gluten-free, plant-powered, kid friendly, and most importantly, super simple to make.

cold brewed hibiscus cinnamon ginger tea

I am currently in countdown mode to #babyradish with 10 weeks to go. In the midst of attempting a minimalist approach to the baby purchases and trying to savor the final few weeks solo with my husband and Henry, I've been craving a refreshing and invigorating mid-day beverage. Since toning down my coffee drinking to one cup a day, a refreshing cold brew infused tea was just what this dietitian ordered. 

peach and blackberry galette

When I was in the Chef's Training Program at The Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, we had an exam on galettes. We had practiced making apple galettes so many times, the thought of tasting another galette was nauseating. A year later, I am ready to enjoy galettes again! If you are not familiar with a galette. It is a rustic tart - ideal for those who don't love baking and are not enthralled by the idea of making a lattice pie crust or something more elaborate. Galettes are the perfect way to enjoy the overflow of gorgeous summer fruit. This recipe features a vegan crust that is made mostly of whole grain flour, making it a guilt-free dessert and even an acceptable breakfast.