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radish ready meal prep - pumpkin seed granola + super seeded crackers

As I continue to get into the mindset that I will soon have a tiny human to care for, I am channeling a lot of my energy toward meal prep. Meal prep is a great tool, regardless of your family status. It encourages healthy eating and helps you save money on takeout. Start a routine of meal prepping on your day off and enjoy simple and accessible meals all week long. I kicked off my "radish ready" mini-series last week with hearty turkey and kale meatballs and super green pesto.  This week I continue with pumpkin seed granola and super seeded crackers.

my top 5 oatmeal recipes

Oatmeal is a staple for me in the colder months. I never seem to tire of its hearty warmness. It is extremely simple to make, the flavors can be switched up, and I can toss in my favorite superfoods to add a boost of nutrition and fiber-filled mileage. Here are my top 5 oatmeal recipes to help inspire healthier mornings.

radish ready meal prep - turkey and kale meatballs + super green pesto

My husband is notoriously anti-freezer foods. He is also convinced that he will be willing and able to cook our meals in the early days of baby radish. I truly admire the sentiment and hope that it is true because he is a fantastic cook. But, just to play it safe and to prepare for days where we are just too tired or overwhelmed, I am meal prepping some freezer-friendly dinners. Today kicks off a mini-series on crunchy radish where I am sharing what I am meal prepping while we wait for our little friend's arrival. First up - turkey and kale meatballs and super green pesto.